Panasonic Weather

UX/UI Design
Web App
Data Analytics

The Panasonic Weather Solutions application allows meteorologists to interpret weather highly sophisticated weather data from the atmosphere during the flight of an aircraft.


  • Web


  • UX & UI Design


  • Data Analytics


  • Start: July 2016
  • End: May 2017


In conjunction with RoleModel Software UX Cabin designed new and existing modules for Panasonic’s weather data platform.


• Make designs obvious, clear, and natural for users to find the data that they need
• Design for large amounts of data to be readable and understandable
• Create user friendly workflows for complex tasks and data sets


UX Cabin updated the visual language to be clear, fresh, and approachable.


• Give the most important interactions priority so users are clear on what they should be doing
• Express the visual language of the brand throughout all of the workflows

Create Discussions

Track storms and forecast patterns by pulling data points from multiple locations or sensors.

View Complex Data

View and compare sounding data, dicast sensor charts, and up-to-date weather patterns.

Create Slide Shows

Pull data or images from any region to build a show. Shows can be created in the application and shared with co-workers, airports, or meteorologists.

Final Results

UX Cabin and RoleModel designed and developed an application that made it easier for meteorologists to interpret time sensitive data, thus minimizing weather-related risks.

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