UI/UX Audit

Vastly improve your user experience with a comprehensive UI/UX Audit

Get a fresh, expert take on what it’s *actually* like to use your app

Your application has grown

You’ve added features. You’ve created new flows. You’ve expanded navigation. Now, your users can do so much more inside both your native and web apps.Except…they're struggling to do the basic things, and you can't figure out why. 🤔

If your users aren’t thriving, it’s time for a UX/UI Audit

We’ll take an expert look at everything that’s affecting user experience, and identify problems to solve, like:

Confusing Navigation

Multi-step processes that don’t need to be multi-step

Inconsistent visual styles

Wonky interactions

Clunky or cluttered screens

A whole lot more issues that we didn’t want to list here because there’s a whole page about them below, so just keep reading

You know things could be better, but you just don’t know where to start…  that’s where we start.

Here’s what your top-to-bottom
Audit includes

We’ll create a new account, get onboarded, and attempt to perform key tasks inside the app — all while recording every screen, taking note of what’s broken or unclear, analyzing our experience, and identifying areas to improve.

Our team of seasoned UI/UX specialists sits down to walk through your app from start to finish.

We’ll approach it in the mindset of your users and identify key areas of concern that are common for your specific persona.

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Psst, we cover more than just “what’s broken”

Your UI/UX Audit reveals more than just what’s broken or buggy. We also look for bigger, strategic insights that can guide future development. That’s why we’ll also ask questions like:

  • Does this flow make sense for the goal of this user?

  • Are elements consistent across pages and workflows?

  • Is there an easier way to accomplish this repeatable task?

Improve your app’s user experience on multiple levels

Visual design, typography, and overall attractiveness are one important layer. But what’s underneath the icing is arguably even more crucial.

That’s why we tackle your audit in two tiers:
How It Looks, and How It Feels.

Tier 1: How It Looks

We’ll comb through your application, identify the elements that users regularly interact with, and evaluate how they stand up to UX best practices.

Here’s what we look for, in particular:

Fields and forms

Are you accidentally adding friction or keeping users from completing tasks?

Login & registration

Can the processes for signing up and signing in be improved?

Mobile UX

Does your app adhere to best practices for mobile interfaces?

Visual Design

Are visual elements clear, cohesive, and attractive?


s there a clear hierarchy in the text? Is the typography readable?


Does the app structure and navigation make logical sense?


What elements do users need to actively interact with, and are those elements easy to find and use?

Tier 2: How It Feels

Maybe you’ve  heard the old chestnut about putting lipstick on a pig. If your app’s architecture, systems, and error handling are flawed, then no amount of beautiful design can cover them.

That’s why Tier 2 of your audit raises important questions about your app’s back end, including:

User trustbuilding

Does the app feel safe and secure?


How do you secure user data and communicate your privacy policies?


between the system and the real world

Error prevention & handling

Does the app help users recognize, diagnose, and recover from errors?

Help and documentation

Where can users go for help?

User control and freedom

Are users guided in a way that feels helpful without being stifling?

Recognition vs recall

Are elements truly intuitive, or are users forced to simply memorize them?

Our method

UX Cabin experts approach every audit using heuristic audit guidelines laid out by the Nielsen Norman Group (one of the world’s leading user experience research institutions).

Let’s say I buy an audit right now.
When will you deliver your findings?

Who is this UX/UI Audit for?

Boy, if you’ve read this far and haven’t figured that out…

This UX/UI Audit is built specifically for companies with SaaS products, web applications, and mobile applications.
If you want to improve your app’s user experience — which is foundational to turning free trial users into paid, and keeping paid users around longer — then this is the right service for you.