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About us

Hi, we’re UX Cabin

A whip-smart team of UX and UI specialists who will help make your product irresistible for its users.

*We’re also pretty fun to work with, if we do say so ourselves

Comprehensive UI/UX Audit

Get a detailed, screen-by-screen review of what it’s like to use your product.

Your audit includes:

  • Analysis of crucial UX flaws
  • Opportunities for quick wins
  • Prioritized list of recommendations

Design Sprint

Ideal for:

  • Tackling big hairy design problems.
  • Creating designs for brand-new products.
  • Simplifying overly complex and confusing workflows.

Best of all, we’ll get it done FAST. (Turns out when you cut out the BS, all you really need is 5 action-packed days.)

Design System

Looking for design that scales with your product? That’s our specialty. Work with us to develop an atomic design system that, much like Arnold Schwarzenegger or , becomes more powerful over time.

By building your design system now, you’re handing Future You a cheat sheet to solve UX problems before they even arise.

Which way to go?

Not sure which way to go?

Let’s figure it out together

If you know you need help with UX, but none of the options above look exactly right, then let’s hop on a quick call.

We’ll chat about what you’re looking for, show you how and where we can add value, and recommend the exact right way forward.

Let’s figure it out

If you know you need help with UX, but none of the options above look exactly right, then let’s hop on a quick call.

Work with us

Why work with UX Cabin?

Besides the fact that our moms are proud of us

You’ve got a lot on your plate (and it’s mostly vegetables). If you don’t have the space — mentally or literally — to manage the UX process, we can help.

We’ve helped companies just like yours to create, improve, and optimize user experiences that feel great and work even better. Here’s why well-respected software businesses choose to work with us:

We can handle it all

No more piecemealing, or managing a dozen distributed developers (say that 5 times fast). We speak developer and employ a few of our own, we’re able to hand off designs clearly and confidently.

We become part of your team

During our work together, we’ll step right into working with your team as if we were Employee #1.  You can even hire full-time UX Cabin specialists for as long as you need them. Bye, Jeff. We’ll miss ya, bud.

We’re the best
(sorry for bragging)

Because we handpick our teammates from all over the world. The UX Cabin team is packed with the most knowledgeable and experienced folks working in user experience today.

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Work with us

You can count on us

For most software companies, UX sloooowly yet inevitably falls to the back burner.

You’re focused on fixing bugs, pushing new features for your paid users, and answering support tickets to keep users happy(ish).

But as you know, UX is a critical part of software success. That’s why we put together our UX A-Team. Tap us for as little or as much help as you need, whenever you need us — and let’s grow your product

Or see how else we can work together

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UX mistakes teams
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