Tekonsha Mobile App

UX/UI Design
iOS App

Giving truck drivers control over their braking technology from the palm of their hand.


  • iOS


  • UX/UI Design


  • IoT


  • Start: Dec 2017
  • End: Aug 2018


UX Cabin partnered with Balance Innovation and Design to redesign Tekonsha’s mobile app experience.


Tekonsha wanted to make enhance the users towing experience by providing the latest brake controller technology right at your fingertips.


• Design an application that aesthetically blends in with a truck’s dashboard design.
• Make controls easy to use and distraction-free.
• Give interactive elements clear visual cues.
• Provide drivers with just enough information to make a quick decision


UX Cabin established a visual direction that seamlessly blended into a truck’s dashboard.


• Provide clear visual cues for interactive elements.
• Make it feel analog.
• Prioritize truck driver safety.

Inspiration and Exploration

We went through many design iterations testing out different visual design styles, controls, knobs that would look right while also providing the best user experience.

Easy settings calibration

Calibrate the power and boost controls from your cell phone. Making this feature interact via bluetooth keeps drivers in the car rather than adjusting settings on their cargo management products.

Component Styleguide

We created a component guide for the major elements used within the app. This was useful for designers reference of styles, spacing, elements, and reusable components.

Manage Trailers and devices

Adding a cargo device to your account is as simple as answering a few questions about your product and pairing it with your phone.

Enhance your towing experience

• Store numerous training settings.
• Calibrate power and boost settings.
• Switch between timed and proportional breaking.
• Receive alerts for any fault conditions in real time.

Final Results

We were able to create a digital experience for users while maintaining safety as the number one priority. Users can now control physical cargo products from their smartphone.

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