Predrag Beocanin - An overnight success in 15 years


UX Cabin Team Member Spotlight with Predrag Beočanin, AKA Fisher

In this blog, we will focus on some of the highlights from this podcast episode!

🎨 How Predrag built his experience in product design and development

🌳 Predrag's take on watching the company grow, along with his professional development

👉 What Predrag believes sets UX Cabin apart from other companies and why he enjoys being part of this team

An overnight success in 15 years - with Predrag Beocanin

We are so excited to begin our Team Member Spotlight episodes with none other than our very own PredragBeočanin.

Predrag has been with UX Cabin from the very early days and has been a massive support in getting the company to where it is today.

His extensive experience in design and development, his passion for figuring things out, and his approach to constantly learning have made him an invaluable part of the team.

This blog will focus on a few of the highlights from this episode of The Product Design Podcast!

The best way to get product design experience

It can be challenging to gain experience in design and development to land a job. However, Predrag thinks the best way to gain valuable experience as a newbie is to create something that already exists, just for the sake of learning and growing.

The best approach is to just grab something that already exists, that's super complicated, and try to build it.

All of the creative decisions are already solved, so you can focus on the technique needed to recreate the product and learn the action steps required to get to the final result. In addition, this approach helps you build your toolkit to share examples of what you can do when it comes to applying for a job.

Growing with UX Cabin

As UX Cabin has grown so has Predrag's influence. Going from part-time designer to leading front-end teams across multiple projects Predrag has pioneered what it means to be a core UX Cabin team member.

Predrag has enjoyed being a part of this evolution and growth. He shared how approaching each new project as an opportunity to learn and never assuming that anyone will be perfect allows for the best work to be done. There is also an attention to detail to ensure that the work accomplished will stand the test of time.

Anybody can build a website, but the details are what sets us apart from others.

As the team expanded, Predrag has grown into a leadership position where younger team members look to him for input and guidance.

What Predrag enjoys about being on this team and what sets UX Cabin apart

In the podcast episode, Predrag sites several examples of what sets UX Cabin apart from other companies.

🤸 Freedom: Aside from working at UX Cabin 100% remotely from anywhere in the world, a significant perk at our company is autonomy. It is up to you how you get your work done and how you set the priorities based on the parameters of each project.

💡 Approach: Our team reviews each project that comes through. If it is not a good fit, we don't try to force it to fit. This approach allows the team to do work that is fulfilling, challenging, and fun!

📢 Communication: Our team asynchronously communicates on projects throughout the day. We leave thought out write ups in slack, loom video responses, and comments on Figma designs to make sure projects run smoothly and everyone is in the loop.

💸 Opportunity: Our company recognizes how internal investment into the team will lead to personal and professional growth. In the long run, this translates into offering our clients more robust support and more services.

A warm thank you

Thank you, Predrag for being our first UX Cabin Team Member Spotlight!

Thank you for bringing your best to our team every day! We would not be where we are today without you, and we are grateful for your expertise, knowledge, determination, and friendship.

We look forward to many years together building products and watching UX Cabin grow!

Join us over at The Product Design Podcast to learn how Predrag met Seth and what led him to join the team. Seth also dives into questions about Predrag's learning and career path leading up to when they met, and the highlights of his time at UX Cabin.

Where to find Predrag Beočanin

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