Jarvis Moore - Culture Clash or Fit: Finding Your Perfect Workplace


Looking to avoid a company culture clash in your next product design role? Jarvis shares his insights on determining if a company culture is a good fit for you and how to stand out during the interview process. Listen to the full episode for more advice on finding the right company culture and landing your first job in product design.

📌 Define what strong company culture means to you, and ask questions!

Make a list of the strong company culture attributes that mean the most to you and where you are in your life and career. Create a list of questions that can help uncover if the company culture will work for your needs before you accept a job offer!

🔑 Be authentic!

Being your authentic self upfront during an interview will be the key to standing out. You never know what you may have in common with the hiring manager or the product design team. Share about yourself and what you are into, outside of work, to see if that can help open doors!

Culture Clash or Fit: Finding Your Perfect Workplace

In episode 44 of The Product Design Podcast, Seth Coelen interviews Jarvis Moore, Sr. Product Designer at LinkedIn.

During our talk, Jarvis shares insights on separating yourself from the pack when networking and interviewing,and determining if a company culture will fit your needs before accepting a position.

Jarvis Moore and Seth Coelen on The Product Design Podcast

In this article, we will focus on advice from Jarvis on getting the information you need during an interview to find out if the company culture will be a good fit for you!

How to determine if a company culture will work for you

Jarvis learned the importance of company culture through a bad experience with a previous employer. Through his learning, he has been able to hone in on the questions to ask to ensure that he has a better grasp of a company's culture during the interview process, so he doesn't make the same mistake again. The good news is that Jarvis has landed at LinkedIn, and their company culture aligns with what he wanted! During our chat, Jarvis shared what he did to ensure LinkedIn was the right fit for him!

🤔 Figure out what is most important to you and be able to articulate it.

Before going into an interview, think through your previous experience and what you liked or did not like about the company cultures you have been a part of in the past. Make a list of the specific things that make up a strong company culture from your perspective at this point in your career and life. From how the teams collaborate and communicate to flexibility, recognition, and everything in between - what ranks highest for you when it comes to strong company culture?

🎯 Get specific and ask the right questions!

During your interview, ask questions specifically about the company culture. Ask what makes your potential coworkers excited about coming to work each day. Ask about how the company supports work-life balance and what that looks like in their organization. Take the time to read between the lines and dig deeper to ensure that the responses align with your list of strong company culture attributes!

“Nobody’s going to blatantly tell you that it sucks to work somewhere, but there are ways that you can find out of it’s going to be a good environment for you.”

💡 Be yourself!

Hiring managers are looking for personalities they want to spend eight hours a day with, five days a week. Being authentic can make you stand out during an interview and help them determine if the role would be a good fit for you and if your skills and personality would thrive at the company!

Jarvis Moore
“The biggest thing anyone can do is just be themselves. If I see someone who’s into sneakers, we gotta talk sneakers at least, and then through that conversation, you might impress me. You have an opportunity that might not have been there otherwise.”

Thank you so much, Jarvis!

Thank you, Jarvis Moore, for your invaluable insights on the Product Design podcast! Your advice on finding the perfect company culture and standing out from the competition will surely help aspiring product designers succeed in finding the proper role for them. Your words of wisdom are genuinely appreciated. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with us!

Listen to the complete episode on The Product Design Podcast, which includes a deeper dive into how LinkedIn's culture has been a good match for Jarvis and how to get over the hurdle of landing your first job! Remember to follow Jarvis on LinkedIn and Twitter and check out his website to see what else he is up to!

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