Jayneil Dalal - How to cold email, network and apply for jobs as a designer


Jayneil Dalal shares his advice on expanding and building your network to a point where you can get connected with great opportunities. He also shares step-by-step instructions on creating a cold email that feels like a warm invite.

This episode includes loads of great advice that will help you tap into the value of your network while you gain experience and can give back to the community along the way. Read the article below and listen to more of Jayniel's great advice in the full episode!

🤔 Figure out where you can add value to the industry in-person and online.

Whether it is tutorial videos on YouTube, articles on Medium, or helping to manage and execute local meetups in your area - get involved where you can meet people in the industry and provide value that will help them remember who you are!

🔥 Boost your credibility with your work to help others.

Now that you know how to add value get your work in front of your expanded network. By sharing your work with your contacts, you will build their trust in your abilities, leading to opportunities down the road.

📧 Don’t be afraid to reach out to new contacts!

Use Jayneil's tips on How to make a cold email feel like a warm invite in the article below, and craft the perfect email to send to someone you have not met.

How to cold email, network and apply for jobs as a designer

In episode 30 of The Product Design Podcast, Seth Coelen interviews Jayneil Dalal, Staff Designer, Mentor, and Host of the design MBA Show! He took a significant leap of faith and transitioned into design after starting a career as an electrical engineer.

During Jayneil’s career in design, he has worked as a Product Designer, Lead, and Instructor and gained so much wisdom along the way. At the lowest point of his career, he realized the need to become an expert at networking to create opportunities for himself. He has developed and fine-tuned his cold email, networking, and job application techniques ever since. In this episode, Jayneil shares all of his secrets with us!

How Jayneil got into design and what led him to where he is today

Jayneil became an electrical engineer and worked with companies like Texas Instruments and Intel on the hardware side of things. When he saw that Apple and Samsung were working on creating their own chips in-house, he decided he wanted to take a different route to ensure his job security down the road.

He chose design as his new direction, went all in, and realized it was not as easy as he had hoped. When he attended local meetups, he always saw that companies were hiring but did not realize that his lack of experience at the time would hold him back from the quick transition he had hoped. He got creative, figured out how to make the most of his ability to network, and has not looked back.

How to expand and strengthen your network

During his transition and throughout the rest of his career, Jayneil has perfected his techniques in expanding his network in person, online, and using cold emailing. During this episode, Jayneil discusses all of these topics and gives step-by-step instructions on finding success with cold email outreach. Here are a few tips on where to start!

📢 Attend local meetups.

In-person meetups are a great start for expanding your network locally. As you connect with local product designers, you can establish relationships with people that live closer to you. You can also connect on LinkedIn and start to see who they interact with to continue expanding your network there.

🔥 Figure out how you can add value to the industry.

There are several options on how you can add value to other product designers. You may want to create a YouTube Channel or write articles on Medium. You could prefer sharing designs on Twitter or dribbble. Jayneil got super creative and started shooting and editing videos at the local Dallas meetups he was already attending.

Play on your strengths, be open to learning new skills, and then take your shot to create something that helps others and, in turn, helps you expand your network and become recognized in the industry as someone who provides value.onnect on LinkedIn and start to see who they interact with to continue expanding your network there.

“It's not about who you know, but who knows you."

🎯 Use your work to boost your credibility.

Getting your work in front of your network will give them the trust in your abilities to recommend you for potential opportunities.

In Jayneil's case, he worked on the meetup videos, which allowed him to build trust with the people running the event and the speakers coming in for each event. They could see the work he was doing, his determination, and his skills and then helped him along his career path by matching him up with opportunities.

How to make a cold email feel like a warm invite

Jayneil figured out early on that no one was going to come to his door and offer him a fantastic opportunity and that he would have to put himself out there. He approaches cold emailing with the mindset that he needs to ensure that the people linked to the great opportunities know who he is! During this episode, Jayneil shares his steps to ensure that his cold outreach feels warmer for the person receiving his messages.

📖 Do your research!

You should research the opportunity you found and the person or people that could help get your foot in the door. Figure out who they are and what they do at the company you are interested in.

Do they write articles on Medium or create YouTube video tutorials that add value? Use that information to tell them what you enjoyed and create a dialog that will intrigue them and grab their attention.

📹 Create a quick customized pitch video!

Create a quick video that is 60 seconds or less. You will want to introduce yourself and explain why you are reaching out for that specific opportunity. Show them a quick glimpse of your portfolio, let them know that you would love to chat more about the opportunity, and thank them for their time!

Add this video to your message, so they get a feel for your personality and energy!

📧 Craft your message with purpose.

Now that you have done your research, and made your pitch video, pull it together in a message or email. This email should be short, to the point, and not require the hiring manager to scroll endlessly on their phone. Get right to the point in 3-4 short paragraphs and show them you value their time.

👀 Mention something that person has done recently and the value you gained from it, so they know you have done your research.

👉 Do not go on and on about how passionate you are about design, be concise and let the short video do more of the talking.

📎 Add the video link to your message for greater impact.

“Every single opportunity in life doesn't exist by itself. It's tied to a human being. So how can I connect with that human being?”

Thank you so much, Jayneil!

In this episode, it was fantastic to get into networking and cold emailing with Jayneil. After many years of fine-tuning his approach, it is clear why he has found such success in our industry. We are so grateful to Jayneil for joining us and sharing all the secrets behind his success in expanding his network!

Listen to the complete episode on The Product Design Podcast, which includes more backstory on Jayneil's career path, how he feels about being a mentor, and how mentors should approach their essential role in product design. Don't forget to follow Jayneil on LinkedIn and Twitter and look for new episodes of his design MBA podcast!

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