Scott Hurff - Tinder to Churnkey: A journey from B2C to B2B


Scott Hurff shares his advice on how to get noticed by budding startups or unicorn companies, his journey from B2C to B2B product design, and what he learned while working at Tinder! This episode includes tips on where to find inspiration away from the screen and what Scott thinks Twitter should do next. Read the article below for his tips on breaking into product design, and listen to more of his great advice in the full episode!

🎯 Dig deep into the user’s needs.

Spend less time concerned with the latest color palette trends. Take that time to understand your users' needs, give them a solid solution and build a product that fulfills them first. If the user enjoys your product and is happy, you have done your job!

💡Step away from the screen to find your inspiration.

Gather inspiration from older successful products and experiences. You can research the rich history of software but also find inspiration in physical products and services. What works, what doesn't, and what user experiences are most effective?

Tinder to Churnkey: A journey from B2C to B2B

In episode 42 of The Product Design Podcast, Seth Coelen interviews Scott Hurff, Founder and CPO at Churnkey, a platform that fixes every type of churn by supercharging all aspects of customer retention. Scott is also the creator of Super Like, a product feature he led while at Tinder, which allowed users to pay extra to get an edge at making a match.

During our chat, Scott shares where he gathers creative inspiration away from the screen, what he learned while working at Tinder, and the secret he believes can make your product make you a lot of money!

Scott Hurff & Seth Coelen on The Product Design Podcast

In this article, we will focus on Scott’s advice on getting experience that will make you stand out as you are breaking into product design!

How to get what you need to stand out

The best way to grab attention is to do great work to add to your portfolio. During Scott's career, he has gained so much valuable experience and has had opportunities to create groundbreaking features for the products he has worked on. Scott shares what he would tell someone looking to break into the industry and get the experience needed to get a job at a budding startup or unicorn company!

🔥 Take the time to understand people.

“The first step is understanding people. Being able to talk to their needs in a certain context and translate those needs into a solution that's really what you're enabling by being a product designer. Whether or not you're using the latest color palette or whatever, who cares, as long as the product fulfills the promise.” -Scott Hurff

🎯 Don’t wait for permission to get into this field.

Learn new skills like typography and UX best practices, and start designing. You will need to churn out many designs before something feels right. Over time you will gain efficiency and understand what works more quickly, but you have to put in the reps first to get there!

💡 Sample widely.

Inspiration can come from many different places. Go out and research old successful products and dig into the history of software design. Understand what feels off and why; also consider what works well! Don't just look at apps and software. Understand how all types of physical products and services have found success. Scott gave a strong example of the Disney experience. What makes it strong? Is it the user's experience with Disney+ at home, or is it how they can get on a cruise ship without ID because of facial recognition? Disney consistently brings a great user experience in so many different ways that we can learn from.

Scott Hurff
“Sample products. Go out and look at old products that were successful. We have a rich history in our field; let’s go and understand it.”

Thank you so much, Scott!

We had a great time hearing Scott’s advice and are grateful for him joining us on the show to share his wisdom and knowledge.

Listen to the complete episode on The Product Design Podcast, which dives into Scott’s journey from B2C to B2B product design, what he learned while he worked at Tinder and what he would do next if he worked at Twitter. Don't forget to follow Scott on Twitter and Linkedin, and check out his website and the Churnkey website to keep up with what he is doing!

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