Body Fitness Workout App

UX Cabin designed a beautiful, one-of-a-kind fitness app that provides coaching, schedule workouts, community goals, and progress tracking.



UX Cabin helped Body design their first mobile app to give their customers a premium workout experience.

This project was mentioned in design rush's best app designs of 2023


There are many workout apps out there and Body team wanted to give a different experience that could build community good while getting in shape. We worked closely with their team and the devs to build an exclusive community platform work working out.


• Get people excited about hitting community goals to get into shape
• Create a seamless workout experience for mobile users
• Build community through remote workouts


UX Cabin established a visual direction and user experience that felt premium, exclusive, and intuitive.


• Provide a super focused experience
• Encourage social interactivity
• Create a premium look and feel


• Single Sign on
• Select membership & checkout with apple pay
• Add details and pictures to visualize your transformation

Starting a Workout

• Select Workout Type
• Determine Schedule
• Pick Program

Live Stream

• Join a livestream instead of doing a single program
• Comment, react and encourage others in a group workout
• Set custom emojis as a coach
• Build community through remote workouts

Community Goals

• Count your steps towards community progress goals that benefit chartity
• See goal progress for the month and how much more the community has to earn to hit it’s goal
• Track your steps for the month to see your contribution

My Profile

See your progess, workout reminders, connect to apple health and manage your subscription from the My Profile Section

Final Results

We designed an exciting new workout app that will help you get fit while supporting your community.

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