Dreambook Home Renovation Platform

UX Cabin Audited and redesigned the web app and landing page for Dreambook paving the way for a cleaner design and higher converting landing page.

IOS & Android
Logo Design
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Web App


UX Cabin redesigned Dream Book’s website and software application from the ground up to redefine the home planning, designing, and buying experience.


• Increase the conversion rate for new account sign-ups
• Conduct a UX audit to identify areas of improvement
• Simplify the home customization process


UX Cabin updated the visual language to be clear, fresh, and approachable.


• Strip away unnecessary elements to bring focus to the most important actions
• Utilize a softer color palette and illustrations to give the brand a more modern look and feel

Final Designs

UX Cabin conducted a full-scale UX and UI review of each product and feature to identify pain points and inconsistencies.

UX/UI Audit

UX Cabin conducted a full-scale UX and UI review of each product and feature to identify pain points and inconsistencies.


UX Cabin partnered with logo designer Jord Riekwel to create a new look that was modern and flexible. Many iterations were explored until dream book felt that we had landed on what best expressed their identity.

Improved Sign-up Workflow

The previous sign-up workflow consisted of up to 7 steps! UX Cabin introduced new login methods and reduced the total flor to just 3 steps.


The search feature was really important to the dream book experience. Users could browse professionally designed rooms based on style or specific products.

Creating Your Dream Room

Giving users the ability to create and design their room was a core function that had to be intuitive without sacrificing customization. Users were able to select hundreds of items from the dream book database, which included an “auto-fill” feature that would populate any remaining selections.

Budgeting Tool

Any selected items and designs are displayed within the budgeting tool to ensure that users stay on budget!


Now that a user’s dream house has been designed and is within budget, dream book was able to connect them with local professionals who could turn it into reality.

Model Homes

Dream book also integrates with national home builders to allow customers to make selections and choices online from the comfort of their home.

Final Results

A completely redesigned landing page and brand refresh that made dream book’s products modern, cohesive, and consistent.

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