EmployStream Staffing Platform

UX Cabin redesigned the entire EmployStream staffing platform by making each step in the process seamless and achievable.

Web App


UX Cabin designed new and existing modules for EmployStream’s employee hiring and onboarding platform.


• Improve the user experience of the existing application
• Make each step in the process seem simple and achievable
• Facilitate user engagement so applicants stay informed


UX Cabin updated the visual language to be clear, fresh, and approachable.


• Give the most important interactions priority so users are clear on what they should be doing
• Express the visual language of the brand throughout all of the workflows

Final Designs

A modern and accessible design for the employee portal, onboarding process, and job applications.

UX/UI Audit

UX Cabin conducted a full scale UI/UX audit of the existing application, pointing out obvious flaws and potential improvements

Workflow Improvements

There is a vast amount of employment information needed to apply for jobs. We knew that we had to improve the dropoff rate for applicants. That meant segmenting the process into easily digestable steps.

Career Search

Filtering the right jobs at the right time is crucial to matching candidates with appropriate jobs. Search for jobs, or send recommendations based on the users preferences.

Apply for Jobs

After completing your profile, applying for jobs is a breeze.

Successful Placements

Successful placements require clear communication and explicit expectations. We created a checklist for each job type that includes onboarding documents, FAQs and more

Continual Engagement

Sending email reminders with clear instructions gives your candidates the best chance to succeed at the interview and on the job

Final Results

UX Cabin completely redesigned the employee portal, onboarding flow, and job application process. EmployStream was able to reveal these improvements at conferences and receive buy-in and funding from prospective clients.

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