Mahindra 750S UTV Display

UX Cabin ran a UX workshop gather requirements to design a state of the art experience for a trade show demo

UI/UX Design
UX Worksshop


Delta Systems approached UX Cabin to help re-imagine the equipment operator experience. Keeping drivers riding in safety, style and convenience.


Create a futuristic, simple display to drive innovation and connectivity in an underserved display market


• Environment Variability
• Screen real-estate
• Technical Limitations of hardware


• Understand the limitations of what we’re able to to
• Understand the needs of the user through a UX workshop
• Iterate on designs until we get it right

Competitor Research

The existing landscape for UTV displays is very outdated. Bulky, unintuitive, and not exciting to look at. Most are grayscale and don’t involve any color. There was huge room for innovation to this underserved display market.

UX Workshop & Design Sprint

We ran through many UX exercises and activities in our design sprint workshop to pull out the right data, features, and components necessary for a successful redesign.

Initial discovery discussion

• Where will the display go?
• What’s the initial setup like?
• Will the display change based on environemnt?
• What type of display will this live on?
• Will it be a touch screen or display only?
• Is the workflow different for first time users?

Product Vision Exercise

The product vision exercise set the tone for the whole workshop. Each stakeholder wrote one or one or two positive words they wanted to describe the end result and one negative word to describe the opposite of what they desired.

After collaborating with the team we narrowed it down to the following list.


  • Slick
  • Information hub
  • User friendly
  • Message center


  • Clunky
  • Basic
  • Crowded
  • Borning

Persona Workshop

Next we had the team refine the persona that we are building this display for. We wanted the team to think about: Name, age, gender, occupation, education, and tech-savviness..

Identify User Needs & voting

In oder to get everyones thoughts and ideas out on the table we wanted to surface all the potential user needs so that we could proirtize and refine them.
From there we voted on the most pertinent user needs to refine the list.

Refined List of prioritized leads

• I want to know what gear I’m in
• I want to be able to restrict access to my UTV
• I want to be able to see when I backup
• I want to detect obstacles behind me
• I want to know when I need service
• I want to know if something is wrong with (engine, tires, oil pressure, ect)
• I want to know how much fuel I have
• I want to know how fast I’m going
• I want to know if my battery is low
• I want to see my RPMs
• I want to know how many more miles I can drive before I run out of gas
• I want to know what time it is

Translating user needs to features

From there we wanted to imagine what these features could look like based on these uer needs.


A great way to explain features and ideas is by sketching. It levels the playing field for all to be involved and promotes collaboration and idea generation.

Each stakeholder was asked to draw out each feature we refined on a piece of paper and present their ideas.


After talking about the sketches we collaborated on some different approaches, prioritized some features, talked through displays and live wireframes some options.


UX Cabin created high fidelity designs based off the UX workshop designs to help Navigate360 Visitor Management stand out as the simplest, easiest to use, and most modern option on the market.


• Slick
• Futuristic
• Information hub

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