Quadax Medical Billing Platform

UX Cabin helped Quadax analyze, redesign and streamline an incredibly complex payment remittance billing workflow

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Quadax called on UX Cabin to help lead their ambitious “RCO” initiative which saw them consolidate a multi-product feature suite into a single

UX Cabin worked directly with Quadax product owners, stakeholders, engineering leads, and customers to revamp the user experience and visual language of the RCO platform.


Quadax offers digital products for healthcare reimbursement.
Companies use Quadax products to maximize reimbursements from hospitals, laboratories, specialty practices, and more.

Goals & Business Objectives

  • Provide a way to deliver online training materials in an easy way
  • Seamless online exam format that reports to local agencies
  • Provide an unmatched end-to-end customer experience that leverages automation for reimbursements
  • Give users the information they need to complete the task at hand
  • Expand market presence to larger health systems and partners
Data Quadax

Design Goals

UX Cabin’s objective was to craft a visually appealing and scalable application, featuring easily interpretable charts and graphs, readily scannable data, and straightforward actions for intricate workflows.

Design and UX Principles

  • Build off of the MUI Library to create modular and scalable components that can be used in a variety of contexts and user roles (task workers vs. managers)
  • Data density was important (displaying as much relevant information as possible)
  • Give users powerful search options since it was a key feature
  • Allow users to customize views and move sections to fit their workflow where appropriate
Before ad After Quadax

Project Strategy & Process

A 16-week project, strategically focusing on the following aspects to guide our product design choices:

  • Competitive analysis
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • User Interviews
  • UX platform audit
  • Wireframes and design work
  • Prototyping
  • Moderated Testing
  • Unmoderated testing
  • Handoff

UX Audit

There are numerous of processes, workflows, and features that we needed to understand before we could begin making any recommendations.
We needed to untangle what was working well and what could be improved upon from a user experience and design standpoint

Some UX Reeaserch for Quadax
UX Research Quadax
Quadax Research bay UX Cabin

User Interviews

Quadax automates many tasks, but users face challenges in navigating apps, understanding insurance options, and meeting high quotas.

Streamlining data presentation offers opportunities to improve task completion efficiency.

User Persona

Requirements Gathering

UX Cabin met with Quadax project leads, engineering managers, and stakeholders to define the functional and technical requirements for each of the scoped features. Quadax was in the middle of rewriting the back-end, which in addition to their ambitions to consolidate their product offering, resulted in a lot of refinement to the scope of the engagement.

The UX Cabin and Quadax team were hyper focused on the most important features related to task lists, case management, and eligibility checker to prevent scope creep.

UX & UI Design

Quadax had prioritized 3 primary features for the duration of the engagement: Task Lists, Case Management, and the Eligibility Checker

Task Lists

The tasks lists area of the platform displayed any tasks that have been assigned to the logged in user. Tasks would be categorized by where they were in the revenue cycle and detail the type of work that needed to be preformed. Completing a task often required accessing multiple parts of the system to find information that needed to be referenced, edited, or entered.

It was very important that the task lists clearly communicate what actions needed to be completed and display what the current status was.

Data Research Quadax

Case Management

The Case Management level of the platform displays all of the historical information that pertains to a specific patient. It was important that the RCO solution provide a full view of the transactions related to an episode of care while also giving more granular access to details for specific points of the revenue cycle.

Surfacing key data was critical for any users who might be viewing the case management level while completing a task.

Quadax UI

Eligibility Checker

The eligibility checker was a corner stone of the task completing workflow since it was the step where the user would validate if the information that they were tasked with updating was done so correctly.

This workflow needed to be accessible from different parts of the system since it was an action that could be completed on its own or in the context of updating patient records.

New Quadax Page UI

Developer Handoff

We worked tirelessly to communicate each screen and feature explicitly so that it took out all guess work from developers.

This includes:

  • Dev notes
  • Release comments
  • Explanation of functionality
A design system for Quadax

Design Language System

We built off the MUI design system library to create source of truth for all workflows, components and features to conform to. Anything we solved in one area we wanted to share that context with other apps within the ecosystem.

Design system and Color styles for Quadax
The component


The UX Cabin team delivered continuous results throughout the engagement: a UX audit of the existing platform to identify areas of improvement, user insights from discovery and usability testing sessions, design system updates to the engineering team, and high-fidelity UI designs and clickable prototypes for each of the primary features.

The Quadax team was very happy with the deliverables and appreciated our dedicated to understanding their complex business use cases, problems, and opportunities.

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